The Caribbean Centre for Organisation Development Excellence Limited (CARI-CODE) is a dynamic resource vehicle for organisational transformation, enhancement and development. The Centre offers custom designed Development Interventions, mainly to Caribbean organisations of all types and sizes, in both public and private sectors.

CARI-CODE founded in June 2006, evolved from the work of Productivity Plus Ltd. (Human Resource Development/Process Consultants 1987). CARI-CODE is a regional pioneer, as an entity solely dedicated to organisation development.

CARI-CODE‘s headquarters have been established initially in Jamaica.

Our Vision

CARI-CODE is a dynamic Centre for Organisation Development Excellence which synergises and transforms developing Caribbean organisations into mission ready , globally competitive entities. We possess leading edge competencies and exude global best practices in achieving performance excellence and enterprise objectives.

Our Mission

To create a resource vehicle to provide needed stimuli, inputs, processes and interventions within the Caribbean, to facilitate the transitioning of organisations to global performance excellence.

Strategic Indigenous Advantage

The CARI-CODE team is a talented, cross trained, multi-disciplinary/multi-functional/multi-dimensional collaborative one. Using cutting edge methodologies, incorporating 21st Century processes and techniques and informed by the collective experience of a cadre of qualified Associates, CARI-CODE offers an indigenous but global perspective. The globally relevant framework is further synergized by links to strategic international alliances.