Training for Performance Excellence

Train the Trainer/Facilitator

About Training for Performance Excellence

In this 21st century, competitiveness of the global  economy becomes more challenging. Workplaces experience change thus creating learning opportunities which are only realised, when the required level of competency is achieved.  Training is vital for organisational survival and provides the means through which excellence in performance is achieved.  For this reason the Trainer needs to be a special person with requisite competencies and a thorough understanding of training process and methodologies in order to be a facilitator of change.  Every Manager, Supervisor, Facilitator, Trainer, and Coach aims to reinvent self through ongoing upgrading of skills.


To enable participants to develop and sharpen foundation skills in order to design and facilitate Adult Learning Experiences.

Training Objectives

  • Develop a training outline geared to the needs  of the adult learner
  • Facilitate an interactive training session
  • Identify appropriate methods/techniques/aids to be used in facilitating training
  • Identify effective approaches for group  facilitation
  •  Identify tools to assess needs, transfer and evaluate training effectiveness


Discussions with multimedia clips

Role Play/Practicum


Target group:

Trainers, Facilitators,

Instructors, Teachers, Supervisors & Managers

Duration of course: 18 hours

Group Size: 15-20 participants  (max. 20)