Professional Certificate in Organisation Development (OD)


Context and Philosophy

This Organisation Development (OD)  Certificate Course is set within the context of developing Jamaica and the Caribbean region in readiness for transformation and change seeks in large part to develop the basic skills that will enable participants to inform and support internal organisation development and culture change initiatives and interventions.

More specifically, the course is designed to equip internal and external OD practitioners, Human Resource practitioners, practitioners without certification, change agents and managers with the responsibility for organisational transformation, with the foundation knowledge of the principles of Organisation Development. The course aims to strengthen the capability of these individuals to impact organisations in public and private sectors using the whole systems approach in a fast-paced, dynamic and challenging environment.  Further, the programme seeks to facilitate awareness of the required practitioner ethics and values of the OD discipline.

The learning objectives, facilitation and assessment strategies are underpinned by the Competency-Based Education and Training (CBET) philosophy and also emphasise the acquisition of critical employability skills needed to ensure personal and organisation effectiveness. This course places great emphasis on an experiential and interactive approach to acquiring required competencies to include data gathering, assessment, diagnosis, designing OD interventions, evaluation, and interpersonal, direction-setting and process skills.

Facilitators  include  a  cadre  of  experienced,  highly  knowledgeable  OD  practitioners  as well as  leadership and professional development facilitators.

This course is presented by Caribbean Centre for Organisation Development Excellence Ltd. and is  recognised and endorsed by the Institute of Organization Development (IOD), in Florida and the Global Institute for Organisation Development Network (GIOD) as suitable preparation for the Organisation Development Consultancy Certification.

Participants benefit from full membership to the Caribbean Organisation Development Network (CODN) for one (1) year and a six (6) month membership into the Global Organisation Development Network. These awards are subject to successful completion.