Caribbean Organisation Development Network


Professional Development

The professional development of members is carried out by Caribbean Centre for Organisation Development Excellence (CARI-CODE) which provides training/development and certification courses for CODN Members. 


This Network is organised for the following purposes, that is:


The Network was founded by the Mrs. Ilsa duVerney, Caribbean Centre for Organisation Development Excellence Limited on January 26, 2012 and was registered by  Ilsa duVerney and Lorna McDonald. Incorporation was on 12th April 2013.


The Caribbean Organisation Development Network (CODN) principal’s office is located at 39 Hope Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica. The network is a not for profit entity and is governed by a Board of Directors and an executive team implements the work of the Association. Members constitute the network.


The CODN is funded by Members dues and other fund raising activities.

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September 26 – CODN – Meetings (Transformers’ Pow Wow)

December 19 – Lyme