20/20 Innovation Inc


Founded in 1992, 2020-Innovation Inc, is a business consulting firm with approximately 200 contracting professionals working in 5 offices around the world. We serve clients on a diversified mix of issues related to enhancing problem-solving skills and competitive advantage. Our work falls mostly into the following categories:

  • Innovation Management
  • Business Planning Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Quality Management and Teamwork
  • Operations and Logistics
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Business Management Software
  • Global Network of Innovation

Our aspiration is to operate as a network organization–that is, an “intelligent switch” in a closely-linked global network of expertise and experience involving twenty organizational groups. Some of these linkages are to leading external experts in a variety of fields; some are to organizations formally within the Strategy Group itself; and some to organizations affiliated with Strategy through business alliances.

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