Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

About Lean Six Sigma – Yellow Belt

Yellow Belts are trained as data gatherers and detectives to identify and solve problems. The PI Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification provides the participants with the fundamentals of looking at work as a System, and the usage of basic lean six sigma techniques, especially those focusing on data gathering and process mapping.

Basic training and coaching are provided in the field of process improvement and six sigma metrics, along with the Process Improvement methodology and preparation for project selection.

The programme provides the essential starting place to achieve high levels of production in service, manufacturing and transactional systems areas.


The term “Sigma” is often used as a scale for levels of ‘goodness’ or quality. Zero Defects is the ultimate Lean target. Lean Six SigmaAs a Metric
As Six Sigma has evolved, there has been less emphasis on the literal definition of 3.4 DPMO, or counting defects in products and processes. Lean Six Sigma as a Methodology
Metrics and application of the methodology is still not enough to drive desired breakthrough improvement and results that are sustainable over time. Lean Six Sigma a Management System


The two-day Yellow Belt Certification workshop aims to provide participants with the:

  1. The basics and introduction to Process improvement
  2. An understanding of how to apply the basic seven tools of Lean Six Sigma

Upon successful completion of this course, the participants will be able to:

  • Perform as a Team Member, or  Subject Matter Expert (SME),
    • Apply the PI data-gathering process
    • Apply ethical concepts to making decisions and generating solutions


Should I get Six Sigma Certified?   

Yes.  The reason is the same for any other certification:

  • To display proficiency in the subject matter
  • To increase desirability by employers
  • To potentially increase your salary